sexta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2011

End Of You – Remains Of The Day (2010)

Genre: Gothic Metal
Country: Finland
01 End of You
02 Catching the Sky
03 Just Dance
04 Star Parade
05 September Sun
06 Hey My Enemies
07 Forgive and Forget
08 Breaking Bad
09 Crystal
10 Who Needs to Sleep

segunda-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2010

End Of You - You Deserve More (Video)

Genre: Gothic Metal
Country: Finland
Duration: 3:17
Audio: MP3 192Kbps
Quality: DVD-RIP (1280 x 720)
Size: 71,31 MB

Feed my needs
Behind the scenes
Everybody's watching
Cos' I gotta be
I gotta be all that you cannot heal
I gotta

Gold relieves
I am it all
Until it's gone
I'd kill for the thrill
I am alive and it's time to tell you
I feed you

White lies, white lies
Oh, you gotta
Say no, say no
When it comes down to me
It might just save you in time
Real lies, real lies
Oh, you gotta
Say no, no more
When it comes down to this
It might just save us in time

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segunda-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2009

Eu quero agradecer a todos que visitam meu blog e aos que tem entrado em contato... muitos estão me perguntando sobre os passwords dos arquivos.

Bem junto com os links estão anotados os passwords, peço a gentileza de que verifiquem junto aos links!!!

Kiitoksia oikein paljon ja näkemiin!!!!

quarta-feira, 23 de julho de 2008

Malice in Wonderland - Malice in Wonderland (2005)

Genre: Glam/Hard Rock
Country: Norway


01. Lucifer's Town
02. Devil Dance
03. My Heart (Belongs To You)
04. Perfect Drug
05. In The End
06. Heartache Boulevard
07. Red Rose Suicide
08. Dancing With You
09. Nightclub, Sin & Decadence
10. I Love To Sin

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LoveX - Pretend Or Surrender (2008)

Genre: Gothic Rock/Love Metal
Country: Finland


01. If She´s Near
02. Turn
03. Take a Shot
04. Different Light
05. Writings on the Wall
06. Time and Time Again
07. Belong To No One
08. My Isolation

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Omnium Gatherum - Redshift (2008)

Genre; Melodic Death Metal
Country: Finland


01. Nail
02. A Shadowkey
03. Chameleon Skin
04. No Breaking Point
05. The Return
06. Shapes And Shades
07. The Redshifter
08. Greeneyes
09. The Second Flame
10. Song For December
11. Distant Light Highway

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HeavensDust - Closure Leading The Way (2008)

Genre: Melodic Death/Gothic With Classic Elements
Country: Japan


01. Closure Comes
02. Blast
03. And Forgive Me
04. Bullets
05. I've Lost Too Much
06. Forever Remains
07. One Thousand Paper Cranes On A String
08. Scars
09. Trapt Inside
10. Your Touch
11. Take Me Tonight
12. Losing You

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domingo, 9 de março de 2008

Brother Firetribe - False Metal (2006)

Genre: Hard Rock
Country: Finland


01. Break Out
02. Valerie
03. I'm On Fire
04. Love Goes Down
05. Devil’s Daughter
06. Midnite Queen
07. One Single Breath
08. Lover Tonite
09.Spanish Eyes
10. Kill City Kid

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Jon Oliva's Pain - Global Warning (2008)

Genre: Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
Country: USA


01. Global Warning
02. Look At The World
03. Adding The Cost
04. Before I Hang
05. Firefly
06. Master
07. The Ride
08. O To G
09. Walk Upon Water
10. Stories
11. Open Your Eyes
12. You Never Know
13. Someone/Souls


Jon Oliva - Vocals, keyboards - Savatage, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Doctor Butcher, guest vocals for Circle II Circle, guest for Chris Caffery
Matt LaPorte - Guitar - ex-Circle II Circle, Last Things
Kevin Rothney - Bass - ex-Circle II Circle
John Zahner - Keyboards - ex-Circle II Circle
Chris Kinder - Drums - ex-Circle II Circle

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sexta-feira, 7 de março de 2008

October Falls - Sarastus (EP - 2007)

Genre: Acoustic / Neofolk
Country: Finland


01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
05. V
06. VI
07. VII
08. VIII
09. IX

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